Free Your Voice Through Awareness!

Improving control does not mean limiting artistic possibilities.
Instead, it means becoming aware of how the voice works to implement effective behaviors and dynamics, which give you predictable results in the service of art.

Vocal Coaching, Vocal Training and Vocal Health Consultancy Services in Both Singing and Spoken Voice.

Online and Internationally

Legally based in Hong Kong, it operates online and internationally with partners in Korea, Japan, Italy, and its twin company legally based in London (UK).

Courses for all levels and needs ​​

FMVOICESTUDIO is able to offer vocal coaching sessions, vocal lessons,special topic workshops, and courses and certification programs in EVT (Estill Voice Training) for all levels, from beginner to professional.

We speak your language

All services can be provided in
English, Italian, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, Cantonese and Mandarin,
either online or in person in several countries.

FMVOICESTUDIO is a dream and project of Francesco Mecorio, an internationally renowned vocal coach who operates in Europe, the USA, a large part of Asia and occasionally in Australia and Latin America.
Full time visiting lecturer at HKAPA (Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts) in 2022 and full time assistant professor at Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea (2013-2018), Francesco is an EMCI (Estill Mentor and Course Instructor), a certified Vocal First Aider (level 2 NCFE accredited in the UK) and one of only two trainers in Italy accredited to train other vocal first aiders (FIPASS accredited certification).
Francesco proudly coordinates a team of expert voice professionals in many countries, often trained personally by him.
FMVOICESTUDIO is also honoured to cooperate with many other expert vocalcoaches and trainers all over the world, such as Naomi Eyers (Australia), Anne-Marie Speed (UK), Prof Cari Tellis (USA) and many more.


Selected Clients and Students

Former and present clients of FMVOICESTUDIO or students of Francesco Mecorio include:


Bre Jackson, Tyler Hardwick, Nik Alexander, Aramie Payton, Candice Marie Woods.

Korean Musical Theatre, K-pop, TV, and Movies

박혜나 (Park HyeNa), 신영숙 (Sin Young Suk), 리사 (Lisa), 주아 (Ju-A), 최현주 (Choi HyunJoo), 오소연 (O SoYeon) 장희영(Jang HeeYoung) , 이상준 (Lee SangJun), 남경주 (Nam KyeongJu), 김지유 (Kim Ji Yu), 홍륜희 (Hong RyoonHee), 장희영 (Jang HeeYoung).

Italian Musical, TV, and CCM

Stefania Caracciolo, Valentina Ducros, Silvia Caracristi, Ilaria Deangelis, Roberto Tarsi, Gianluca Cavagna.

…and many other celebrities whose privacy we promised to protect.

FMVOICESTUDIO former and present clients have appeared in productions including:


The Color Purple (Tony Award winning production), Once On This Island (Tony Award winning production), MJ (Tony Award winning production), SIX (Tony Award Winning production), Ain’t Too Proud (Tony Award winning production) Hamilton (American tour), Dreamgirls (Korean tour/American cast), Hair (The Old Globe), Ain’t No Mo’ (Broadway), The Book of Mormon (Broadway production), Frozen I and II (movie, Korean version), Wicked (Korean production), Shiki Theatre Company (劇団四季), Phantom of the Opera (Korean and Japanese production), Jekyll and Hide (Korean production), Bonnie and Clyde (Korean production), Elizabeth Das Musical (Korean production), Rebecca Das Musical (Korean production), Mamma Mia (Korean production), Rudolf (Korean production), All Shook Up (Korean production), The Man Who Laughs (Korean production), Rent (Italian production), Ghost (italian production), Sister Act (Italian production), Legally Blonde (Italian production), Casanova (Italian production – Red Canzian), Mass (Teatro dell’Opera di Roma).

TV Shows

Dancing With The Stars (Italian production Ballando con le Stelle), The Voice of Italy, Moldova Are Talent, Thanksgiving Parade on CBS, Good Morning America, Italian TV shows Festival di Sanremo, Domenica In, Ti lascio una canzone, Il cantante mascherato and many others in Korea, Italy and the USA.

Interested in One-to-One Lessons?

You can choose among online or face-to-face single lessons.
Check our offer and avaliability

At FMVOICESTUDIO we believe that everyone has a beautiful voice (as Jo Estill said)

and work hard to help performers express their potential in a healthy way.

Personal improvement is strongly encouraged at FMVOICESTUDIO. Competition is discouraged, unless it’s healthy and within the limits of personal and mutual respect, expressed in a way that can be helpful for personal improvement. 

We strongly believe that every person is special and has their own unique individuality to nurture, and that comparison with others should be made only in a healthy and productive way. When it becomes toxic and detrimental, it ought not occur.

Quality and Equality

FMVOICESTUDIO promotes gender and sexual orientation equality, is against any kind of discrimination based on race, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation, and protects the privacy of clients and students to the best of its ability.

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